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Inflatables & Games

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Inflatable Games

Inflatables aren't just bouncy castles, adults can have fun too with these awesome inflatable games! From bumper/zorb balls to a rodeo bull, these items are fun for both the kids and the kid in you! We highly recommend renting these for any large events like a carnival or corporate events.

Starting from RM 400


Inflatable for Kids

Children love our bouncy castles and bounce houses, some of which have an added playground element to them. These inflatables are not only durable and safe for play, they can also be rented for small parties and big events alike!

Starting from RM 850


Inflatable Arch

Sometimes you just need a large decoration as a statement piece and our inflatable arches will do just the trick. Our simple arches can include a customized sign to let people know they're welcome or maybe just to tell them where to start that marathon race!

Starting from RM 700


Game Equipment

For any indoor party planners, we also rent out both tabletop and simulation games for indoor activities. From foosball to car racing simulation games, you can enjoy a fun day without breaking a sweat. And for those who want something to do outdoors, don't worry because we also rent out equipment suitable for water activities like water pools, slides, and paddle boats!

Starting from RM 350

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