Allan & Friends’ Clowns

Allan Yong, the founder/owner of Allan & Friends, has been in the clowning business since 1995—that’s over 20 years! He has trained over 40 clowns to be skillful in make-up techniques, clown character building, having correct clown attitudes, handling and care of children, cleanliness and maintaining a pleasant disposition. He and his clowns have performed for countless children’s parties, corporate events, carnivals, and even the Prime Minister! 

Allan’s experience and expertise makes Allan & Friends’ Studios one of the best clown providers in Malaysia. Once his clowns put on their make-up and costumes, they strive to bring a smile to their audiences. They always aim to be more than ordinary men and women in clown outfits. At Allan & Friends’ Studios’, there are different categories and types of clowns who are taught different skills based on their talents, which you will find below. 

Whether your event is a kid’s birthday party, a farewell party, a carnival, a fair, a bazaar, or a corporate event, you can’t go wrong with the clowns from Allan & Friends’ Studios!

Sweetie de Clown
Snowball de Clown a.k.a. Alex the Magician
Andy de Clown
Blink Blink de Clown
Clown On Unicycle
Johnny de Clown
Singing Clowns
Sugar the Magical Balloon Clown
The Acting Clown
Balloon Entertainer
Piggy the Clown
Isaac the Clown
Ervinn the Clown

Hierarchy of Clowns, Magicians, & Other Talents